The deadline to fund the current round of fonts:

Get Involved

Are you a type designer who wants to make an open source font? Great, welcome, we’ve got some things to go over first. Did you read the FAQ? It’s important to have an understanding of what this platform is and isn’t before you go any further. And the FAQ doesn’t cover nitty gritty stuff for contributors, which is why this page exists. Participation is open to anyone but with some caveats. Let’s lay out the ground rules, shall we?

1) To get paid from all the wonderful supporters who contributed your project, you need to deliver. This isn’t Kickstarter where you can say “oh we tried, but it didn’t work, sorry backers.” Nope. The money dedicated to your font(s) won’t even be collected from funders until you’re at the point of delivery. This is intentional, for everyone’s benefit, too. We don’t want you working on something that doesn’t have support from people. While we’re not enforcing time-based deadlines, if your font has been listed for a month and isn’t 25% toward the goal, it might not be worth pursuing. So we advise waiting to work on it until funding is (almost) guaranteed.

2) We need to see what you’ve done before. Eventually we might open this place up to first-time font makers, but to get rolling will require experienced designers. This isn’t a platform where you can get paid to learn how to do what has to be done, sorry.

3) Your contribution can’t be a forked version of another open source font. It can’t already be available elsewhere for free (in some partially finished format). Upon completion it will also be available in other places, as is the nature of utilizing the Open Font License. This isn’t a bad thing.

4) How do you list a font here if you haven’t made it? Ah yes, it is a bit of a paradox, but not too daunting. You will need to spend enough time to design what some of the font will look like in an almost finished state. We don’t need to see your source files up front, just how you can render it. It’s a series of mockups, not an installable font. Again, that’s one of our goals here: preventing type designers from investing a lot of unpaid time up-front. That said, it needs to be compelling enough to convince people it is worth funding, and the finished product should look similar to what you’re proposing.

5) This is a curated platform. Not all submissions will be accepted, even if you’re a designer that already has a font posted here. We won’t leave you hanging and if your work is not accepted on the first submission, we will explain why and hope to hear from you again in the future.

Those are the big disclaimers. We have more information about specific preview image requirements and the overall process, but let’s start by gathering your basic details.

Terms and Conditions