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Porchlight is a soft serif font with rounded corners that is elegant and versatile. You can use it in both short texts (such as logos and titles) and longer texts. It pairs nicely with sans serif and handwritten fonts, in logotypes, websites, and printed materials. Upon completion, it will have (at least) 3 weights, plus their italics, matching ornaments, and small caps.

Supporters: 24. Goal: 400 people

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Ana Parracho is a Portuguese font designer based in Paris, France. She started making fonts in 2013 when she published her first font, Ana's Rusty Typewriter.anasfonts.comSince then she has been making all styles of typefaces under the name Ana's Fonts. She is still slightly obsessed with vintage typewriters. Ana is on Instagram as @ anasfonts

Proposed language support: Basic Latin (Albanian, Catalan, Danish, English, Estonian, Norwegian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Irish, Portuguese, Sardinian, Spanish, Galician, Swedish)