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Hewat is a stylized serif font, great for headlines, branding and everything that needs a little something. The lowercase letters are characterized by their delicate, organic inktraps. The capital letters stand out with their sharpness and stability. Upon completion Hewat will have all latin letters, diacritics, numbers, as well as multiple alternates for several characters in (at least) three weights. Hewat is inspired by the Shrike typeface I designed in 2018.

Supporters: 11. Goal: 800 people

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Luise Thoma is a freelance type and graphic designer from Germany. behance/luisethoma463fIn her project “ARCHETYPE” she combined the domains of Architecture and Type Design to create 20 font drafts with an emphasis on the construction of letters through grids. This project and many more you can find on Instagram @luuuuuuuuut

Proposed language support: TBD