Alanna Munro

Alanna Munro is a type designer and lettering artist from Vancouver, Canada. She also helps organize Type Brigade, a local talk series for the letter-obsessed. alannamunro.comI work as a freelance designer on custom-lettered logos and custom typefaces. My commercial typeface Tofino is available at Lost Type co-op. My lettering side projects include Local Lettering, which catalogs old sign-painted apartment building signage and Words For Parenting, which offers useful phrases to use when raising children.


Ana Parracho

Ana Parracho is a Portuguese font designer based in Paris, France. She started making fonts in 2013 when she published her first font, Ana's Rusty Typewriter.anasfonts.comSince then she has been making all styles of typefaces under the name Ana's Fonts. She is still slightly obsessed with vintage typewriters. Ana is on Instagram as @ anasfonts


Ariel Martín Pérez

Ariel Martín Pérez is a type designer, graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris. He's part of his local open-source community and conducts lots of creative workshops. I'm a freelance art director and illustrator based in Paris (I'm originally from the Canary Islands). I also design typefaces, some of which I have published on my own or through the Velvetyne Type Foundry. My published fonts include Ouroboros (a psychedelic art-nouveau font), Générale Station (a monospaced geometric font with double-space capital alternates) and Brassia (an experimental font inspired by solarpunk). I'm also a frequent collaborator of other open-source type projects, reviewing the spacing and kerning and enhancing the language support of my colleague's fonts.


Dingbat Co

A tiny studio specializing in brand identity, packaging, illustration, & custom type based in Austin, Texas. dingbat.coDingbat’s work gravitates toward simple shapes, striking colors, and expressive typography.


Etcetera Type Co

Big stuff from a little company based out of upstate New York. The founder has been creating open source fonts since ETC recently released a free variable font (though not open source) in addition to a catalog of paid typefaces, and they are all variable. Tyler contributes regularly to The League of Moveable type, one of the first open source foundries. His most recent work there was League Spartan Variable.


Luise Thoma

Luise Thoma is a freelance type and graphic designer from Germany. behance/luisethoma463fIn her project “ARCHETYPE” she combined the domains of Architecture and Type Design to create 20 font drafts with an emphasis on the construction of letters through grids. This project and many more you can find on Instagram @luuuuuuuuut


Morula Type

Morula is the type design studio of V. Monopoli. Founded in 2019, it aims to distribute trend-conscious fonts and typographical insights. @morula_type


Who & Why?

Public Type Works is a platform for an unlikely group of international misfits brought together by type design. Most of us have never met IRL but we're here to contribute new fonts to the world and not go broke in the process. We’ve started with a limited number of experienced type designers. If that's you and a new font is something you'd like to contribute to the open source community, let's take this relationship to the next level.