Type as in Typefaces

Or fonts, if that makes it easier.

Public Type Works is brand new and I couldn’t be happier to launch it. In case you’re reading this first before seeing the site or anything else: this is a crowdfunding platform for open source fonts.

Over the years I’ve heard three somewhat frustrating complaints from designers and anyone who works closely with type:

  1. Fonts are too expensive to buy/license
  2. Free fonts are garbage
  3. Everyone is using the same free fonts

The validity of these assumptions is questionable and highly subjective, but they are sentiments that have been echoed loudly and more frequently over the years. Beautiful, robust, free fonts are out there, but we need more. Trends take hold and people start using similar stuff. Licensing truly is confusing and inconsistent.

We have already anticipated your question “why should I pay for a font that doesn’t exist yet and will be free when it does exist.” We have a wonderful, living FAQ dedicated to such great questions but the answer is this: Only the people who want to pay for anything have to. However, the fonts won’t get made if no one supports it. And that isn’t a horrible thing. In fact, as a type designer, it’s a great thing, because it allows us to know that the font in progress might not be worth pursuing.

So that’s it. We are here. Hello world. This is hopefully the start of something magical. ✋Here’s to funding open source fonts🤚